About Us

We at PiTTek are excited to take this opportunity to introduce our company. 

PiTTek is a Division of Swindell Dressler based in Pittsburgh, PA. PiTTek was formed by several past owners and employees of a company that provided rolling mill fume exhaust systems to the metals industry. Upon sale of that company, PiTTek was founded and became part of Swindell Dressler.

Today PiTTek consists of a core group of engineers and managers that are able to utilize the synergies that exist with Swindell Dressler to operate efficiently and increase our competitiveness. Our complete team includes draftsmen, construction management, accounting, sales associates and office staffing. Many of these individuals are experienced in rolling mill fume exhaust systems and/or rolling mill design.

Our single most important product is our RME-4 rolling mill exhaust system. This system includes engineering and design with tools such as company developed design software, 3D design, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis, conventional AutoCAD drawing, site measurement services and mill exhaust volume selection that may use all of these tools.

Each RME-4 system includes custom designed hoods and many types of closures to reduce inflow area, which are the key to achieving the best in-plant environment for your employees. Hoods can be supplied to be removed by lifting off by crane, hinged to move for maintenance or roll away designs to provide very quick access to critical maintenance and production equipment.

PiTTek also makes a Quick Release Joint that will allow a near leak free connection without the use of any bolts or fasteners. Hoods can be quickly disconnected from the system as can sections of duct that are over these key devices.

The RME-4 product uses one of five (5) mist eliminators or, in some cases, VOC control devices using heavy oil scrubbing or carbon adsorption with on site regeneration. PiTTek mist eliminators can achieve efficiencies of +98% on submicron liquid particulate. Mist eliminators are selected based on type of coolant, temperature, physical and chemical coolant characteristics and our own and our Client's invaluable experience.

PiTTek does not make its own Heavy Oil Scrubber. We have worked successfully with other mill builders and heavy oil scrubber suppliers to be sure each design is based on many past installations around the world.

All components of our RME-4 systems are designed specifically for rolling mill duty. Their design details are based on many years of experience supplying these systems for use in the harshest of environments.