Virtually every type of cooling method is available for industrial applications. This includes evaporative coolers, closed circuit coolers and refrigerant systems. PiTTek's proprietary design of evaporative cooler can cool air from 95°F air to 75°F. These can be used to conserve energy and/or provide humidification for most applications. Chilled water is also a cooling medium for large industrial applications. Air cooled and water cooled chillers and condensers are used depending upon the application and availability of utilities. Cooling can also be provided using finned tubes. The use of tubes with fins spaced at 10 fpi facilitate cleaning and operation at low-pressure drop. Tube and fin materials of all types include copper, stainless steel and aluminum. Coatings of Teflon, epoxy, and Heresite are available. Units are tested before shipment and may be pre-piped.
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