MRC Fans
PiTTek can utilize several types of fans for industrial ventilation systems. These include; Backwardly Inclined Airfoil Centrifugal Fans, Vane Axial Fans, and Tubeaxial Fans. Centrifugal Fans are used for higher system pressure drops. We typically use the airfoil design for its high efficiency and non-overloading characteristics. Centrifugal fans are AMCA rated and are available in both direct drive and belt drive arrangements. Capacities range from 2,000 scfm to 200,000 scfm. Typical accessories include belt guards, shaft and bearing guards, flanged connections, inlet vane dampers, backdraft dampers, vibration joints and bases. Vaneaxial and tubeaxial fans are also available direct or belt driven and are often used for high volume, medium and low pressure systems. Cast aluminum airfoil wheels and high efficiency steel wheels are available with accessories such as belt guards, flanged inlets and outlets and vibration joints and bases. The lower weight of this type fan is an advantage when installation of the system is elevated such as on the roof of the building. Silencers are available to provide quieter operation.